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Glowing Gold Structure


Our story

Innate Studio was created as a vehicle to represent the unique designs coming out of our Glassblowing studio; Monterey Glassworks in Monterey California.


Monterey Glassworks itself was created by a group of friends who met while working in the glass art world in various studios and at Pilchuck's famous glass program. We love design and beauty of skilled artist making unique works by hand.

We believe the work of artisan craftpersons is more important than ever.

Innate is a lighting manufacturer founded on the principles of craftsmanship and artistry. From our workshops in Monterey California, we create statement art pieces for unique spaces. Our team of experienced and dedicated crafts persons are highly skilled in glass blowing, casting and metal working.

Our designs range from traditional to modern, classic to contemporary. We create our own designs for the trade, but also enjoy collaborating with other designers and artists. All of our employees are working artists, which brings a unique energy and aesthetic to every project.

A sand dune in the desert

Finding Us

We sell directly to home and commercial property owners through our website. We also work with trade and design partners interested, like us, in bringing statement works into unique spaces.

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Designer Collaborations

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